Hi! I'm Emily

Designer & Creator behind Emmy Lou Jewelry

I’ve played by the rules for most of my life.

Growing up on the East Coast; I followed the path that was expected of me…do well in school, go to college, get a job, get married… you may know the story!

Something happened in my late thirties though. My perspective shifted. I started questioning what truly makes me happy and how I could serve. What am I good at? What lights me up? That’s when I started to believe in myself and in my ability to forge my own path.

One of the answer to all of the questions above has always been making jewelry. Being immersed in the creative process is the deepest sense of peace, presence & clarity I’ve found.

Whether we know it or not, we are drawn to a piece of jewelry for reasons that go much deeper than aesthetics. Perhaps it’s the color of a stone that reminds us of a memorable trip. Maybe it incites a memory of the first time we met the person we love. It can even drum up a moment in time when we’ve felt accomplished. Whatever it is that draws us to a piece; our jewelry is a reflection of our unique expression.
I make my jewelry in honor of these moments. I handcraft each piece using only quality materials that will last.

A bit beachy, a bit dainty, always unique with the stones as the main attraction. You’ll find yourself wearing your Emmy Lou’s to your yoga class, throughout your day and out on your date! Versatile enough to wear every day but unique enough to make you feel like you’re dressing it up a bit… even if it’s just in yoga pants! Read SD Voyager's Rising Stars and Shoutout SoCal's write-ups here!

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